We at Frucci jewelers are proud to offer some of the most unique hand crafted wedding bands and engagement rings available. This matching pair of mokume gane rings is our latest commissioned set. Constructed from 22 layers of 18k yellow gold and sterling silver which has been pattern welded in a classic wood grain design. These rings we forged by bonding these 2 separate metals, they in turn have become something entirely new, and so long as they have each other then nothing else will ever come between them, nothing else can ever interfere. They are now inseparable for all time, so long as each is with the other, and with the one who wears it, nothing else can matter.
These rings are one of a kind, no others exactly like them ever will exist. Every ring we create is as unique as the situation which called for its creation.
You know you want one, if you have read this far then by now, then you surely hear the voice inside you insisting that you simply NEED ONE……and we understand. This is a true passion, the labor intensive process involved in creation of any mokume gane item requires nothing less, and here at Frucci Jewelers the passion and pride we have this artform is poured into each and every item we craft.
Contact us for more information or come in to see these wonderous items firsthand, we promise not to disappoint

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