This Mokume-gane gold wedding band is our latest handmade creation. Hand forged from 18 layers of 18k yellow gold and sterling silver, it is uniquely designed in a one of a kind wood grain pattern. Mokume gane is a patterning of contrasting metals through various methods and applications. The result is each mokume-gane crafted item, is bound to be one of a kind and ultimately unlike any other ever made. This unique combination of patterning, and combined metals make this, and every mokume gane article as unique as a fingerprint. Produced using a technique first recorded in Japan over 300 years ago, The creative process behind these items is extremely labor intensive. The numerous steps all demand hand crafting, which we perform right here, on premises. With this ring or any band we create, The gorgeous contrast of silver on rich 18k gold mokume is accentuated to your taste by adding a liner in your choice of 14k gold in either yellow or white or sterling silver. The liner of this particular band is 14k yellow gold and it has a comfort fit rounded edge. This ring is a size 9 and measures 7.5 millimeters wide.
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